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Congratulations! And welcome to the Gita Learning Community.

Each Wednesday Jeffrey Armstrong will guide us through another aspect of the WISDOM of the GITA.

TECH info: LOG INTO your account each week log - note the tabs: 

  1. Start Here: Gita Foundation Course
  2. Gita on the Go: App
  3. Course Access: Previous classes
  4. LINKS for Live Webinars 
CLICK on tab for the weekly LIVE zoom links. Thank you for not sharing the zoom links...your IP address is tracked & monitored.
  • These will become invaluable as time goes on and for when you wish to re-inspire your life with the knowledge.
  • Watch the replay or you can ‘binge watch’ them again and again if you missed any.
  • If you purchased a PATRON Hard Cover Gita - your membership includes access to the APP - Value $9.99 Purchase separately here (link) 
  • Don’t forget you have a 50% discount on any previous class series that Jeffrey Armstrong has offered in the past! This alone probably pays for your membership here. We will send out monthly codes to members.

NOTE: The membership is still under some tech development --- if you notice an issue please let us know – Suggestions welcome.

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