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Each Wednesday Jeffrey Armstrong will guide us through another aspect of the WISDOM of the GITA.

TECH info: LOG INTO your account each week log - note the tabs: 

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CLICK on tab for the weekly zoom links. Thank you for not sharing the zoom links...your IP address is tracked & monitored.
  • These will become invaluable as time goes on and for when you wish to reinspire your life with the knowledge.
  • Watch the replay or you can ‘binge watch’ them again and again if you missed any.
  • If you purchased a PATRON Hard Cover Gita - your membership includes access to the APP - Value $9.99 Purchase separately here (link) 
  • Don’t forget you have a 50% discount on any previous class series that Jeffrey Armstrong has offered in the past! This alone probably pays for your membership here. 

NOTE: The membership is still under some tech development --- if you notice an issue please let us know – Suggestions welcome.

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