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NEW: Dreaming the Countless Worlds: A Epic Creation Story by Jeffrey Armstrong

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NEW book Launched Dec 10.23

About this Epic Poem: 888 Lines of poetry told in an enthralling story-telling format.

Dive into the depths of ancient wisdom and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos in this remarkable literary journey. In this groundbreaking work, the author weaves together the threads of creation, transcendence, divine presence, and cosmic struggle into a single, cohesive tapestry.

This extraordinary epic poem introduces you to the timeless secrets of how the universes were born, how humanity emerged from the transcendental, and how the divine manifests within the very fabric of our existence. Delve into the intricate dance of light and dark forces, the eternal battle between Devas and Asuras, and the relentless human struggle within their realm. Finally, witness the descent of the Transcendental Divine, beckoning us to rediscover this ancient knowledge.

For the first time in English, this poetic masterpiece unveils these essences previously encoded in Sanskrit. Allow the profound words within to resonate in your heart, and embark on a transformative journey toward a more profound connection with this beautiful vision.

Cover art by Shounak Tewarie

A Note from the Author Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi)

In many ways poetry has ruled my life. I began to write poetry at age 13 or perhaps I should say poetry began to write itself through me. At age twenty-three I entered my guru’s ashram and on the way in, I threw away all my previous writings and possessions. Since then, I have penned over 2,000 poems of all shapes and sizes, many based on the the Vedic wisdom.

I was also the lyricist for 6 albums of music, four of which were widely distributed throughout the world.

Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎  70 pages

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    NEW: Dreaming the Countless Worlds: A Epic Creation Story by Jeffrey Armstrong

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