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Life Without Fear: 3 ways to Overcome All Fear by Jeffrey Armstrong e-book

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Fear is the memory of a limitation accepted in a moment of weakness, for a reason forgotten - which must be removed—to create the reality you desire!” Jeffrey Armstrong

Fears, anxieties and past traumas hinder us from realizing our full potential. Learn empowering psycho-spiritual and yogic techniques for dealing with and overcoming these limitations. We fear failure, fear success, and fear the unknown. This book offers an excellent opportunity to move beyond any paralyzing or constricting fears in your life—to finally discover your true, steady center and actualize your full Divine potential.

F reedom from fear forever
E stablish your circles of intimacy
A chieve your full potential
R eplace negative ideas & behaviours
S et clear boundaries
F ind your voice—express not repress
A pply successful life strategies
D evelop discipline & focus
E nergize & maximize your potential


Comments from the Author

This book is an edited version of the transcripts from my "Life Without 
Fear Seminar”. Although it was originally aimed at spiritual seekers and 
yoga practitioners, its insights are relevant to anyone seeking to improve 
their life.

Enthusiastic students took the time to edit the initial transcripts and it 
inspired me to expand this topic into a book. The manuscript provided
different methodologies, technologies and approaches to deal with the 
question of fear in our lives. It brought together a combination of martial 
arts training and meditations which I have practiced for most of my adult 
life, and the vast Yogic knowledge which I’ve studied for over 45 years. 
These processes have been time tested for thousands of years by great 
yogis and masters of the self-control and I hope they will bring the reader 
great benefit.


Three Ways to Overcome All Fear


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Life Without Fear: 3 ways to Overcome All Fear by Jeffrey Armstronge-book

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