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The Gita Comes Alive - Bonus Series


Welcome to The Bhavagad Gita Comes Alive Bonus Series! Recordings are accessed in this section whether you missed a live class or want to watch one again.

  • Each session contains the discussion from Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi, a Q&A section with questions from participants, and sometimes detailed 'Chat' notes with key concepts, mantras, and critical Sanskrit words and definitions to help your learning journey.
  • The Gita on the Go App in the green menu buttons above will allow you to follow along with the text, and take notes private to your account.
  • The Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide will help you greatly on your journey toward oral mastery of the Sanskrit words in the Gita Comes Alive.
  • The most recent class recording is posted about 48 hrs after the live class, when editing and processing are completed.
  • These classes are also connected to our Streaming Video Service with full transcripts and searchability of the entire class. Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the streaming video window. Type a keyword, for example "atma", and then click the 'blue' time markers to jump to that part of the live video each time the word "atma" was spoken in the class. Have fun learning! 

This is your journey of learning and we thank-you for sharing it with us and for being part of this community we are creating together.

Namaste and pranams,

Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi & Sandi Graham

Co-Founders of VASA (Vedic Academy of Sciences and Arts) 



Gita Comes Alive Bonus Series - Episode 1

With Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi

With more than 108 episodes over 4 seasons, Episode 1 of the Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive Bonus Series with Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi begins a new path to help students with their ongoing studies and journey toward mastery of the Bhagavad Gita. In order to integrate the profound depths of knowledge and wisdom contained within the pages of the Gita, it is recommended that reading and studying the Gita and its greater messages become part of your daily Vedic practice. We invite you to join our community on your own journey, and share your personal insight and vedic vidhya with us, as we be honoured to share ours with you.




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